How to play Mech Arena with a gamepad on BlueStacks 5

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You can now play Mech Arena using in-built gamepad controls provided by game developers on BlueStacks 5. Click on the links below to learn more. 

Prepare for intense battles and get ready to unleash havoc! Are you ready to take your place as the King of Mecha Combat? 

How can I play Mech Arena with a gamepad?

1. Connect your gamepad. If the gamepad is successfully detected by BlueStacks, you will see a notification message, as illustrated below. Click on "Okay" or "X" to continue.


NOTE: If you don't see this message, then enable the "Gamepad detection" option under Gamepad settings and restart BlueStacks 5. To learn more about how to do this, click here.

2. Log in to the Google Play Store and install "Mech Arena". To learn how to do this, please follow the steps given in this article.


3. Once it is downloaded, launch the game by clicking on its icon on the BlueStacks 5 home screen.


NOTE: Gamepad controls will not work while playing tutorial matches or accessing the in-game menu.

List of available gamepad controls for Mech Arena

You can start playing Mech Arena on BlueStacks 5 using in-built gamepad controls listed below.


Movement controls

Action Xbox  PlayStation
Character movement Left Stick Left Stick
Sprint L3 L3

General controls

Action Xbox  PlayStation
Camera Control Right Stick Right Stick
Send Message D-pad D-pad
Leaderboard View Button Create Button
Menu Start Button Options Button

Combat controls

Action Xbox  PlayStation
Ability A X
Shoot Left Weapon LT L2
Shoot Right Weapon RT R2
Reload Left Weapon LB L1
Reload Right Weapon RB L2
Combine Left & Right Weapons Y Triangle
Target Lock X Square


How can I disable in-built gamepad controls?

1. Launch BlueStacks 5 and open the Settings menu by clicking on the gear icon on the Side toolbar.


2. Click on the "Gamepad" tab and under "Gamepad input settings", select "OFF" to disable in-built gamepad controls that are provided by game developers.

3. Once you have turned it off, click on "Save changes".


To learn more about how to choose your preferred gamepad settings on BlueStacks 5, read this article

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