How to play Standoff 2 with Smart controls on BlueStacks 5

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You can play Standoff 2 on BlueStacks 5 using Smart controls for a significantly enhanced gameplay experience. With smart controls, you'll be able to execute in-game actions faster and more efficiently and also get rid of any unnecessary on-screen keys.

On BlueStacks 5.13 and above, you can change weapons using the mouse wheel.

NOTE: Please ensure you're on the latest version of Standoff 2 for the Smart controls to work. If you'd like to update the app, click on "System apps" on your home screen and open "Google Play Store". You can then click on your profile icon, select "Manage apps & device" and update Standoff 2 from the list of apps.

What are the Smart controls to play Standoff 2?

Movement controls

Key In-game action
W A S D Move forward, left, backward, right
Space Jump 
Shift Walk
Ctrl Crouch 

Combat controls

Key In-game action
Left click Fire
Right click Aim 
R Reload
1 Primary Weapon
2 Secondary Weapon
3 Knife
Z Flash Grenade
X HE Grenade
C Smoke Grenade
V Molotov/Thermite Grenade

General controls

Key In-game action
B Buy
E Defuse Bomb
F Pickup Weapon
G Throw Weapon
M Map
4 Equip Bomb
Tab Scoreboard
T Chat


For more information on how to get the most out of your gaming journey in Standoff 2, refer to the following article: 

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