Release Notes - BlueStacks X v10.0



App Player Updates

1. You can now continue using the stylus without any problems which previously ran low on caffeine causing it to act out. Get ready to use the stylus again and unleash your creative side on BlueStacks 5!

2. The loading time of BlueStacks 5 Android Pie has been reduced by 30-70% allowing you to get into your games quicker than before! 

3. Bug fixes:

  • Mobile Legends Bang Bang ( will no longer crash or show a black screen. Get ready to immerse yourself in competitive battles!
  • Share your thoughts by replying to your friend's stories on WhatsApp (com.whatsapp) without a hitch in Compatibility mode!
  • Save the princess in Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG (com.playhardlab.heroes) without coming across any error message in Compatibility mode.
  • You can now play Dark Continent: Mist (com.eyougame.ynxxsy) at 60 FPS by enabling "High frame rate" from the in-game settings in Compatibility mode. NOTE: After you've updated BlueStacks 5, clear the app data for the in-game setting to be visible.
  • Play Among Gods! RPG Adventure (, com.amonggods.cgpb) without the game screen freezing on Intel GPUs in Compatibility mode.
  • Slay monsters in Eversoul (com.kakaogames.eversoul) without any flickering graphics in Compatibility mode.
  • Level up with your squad in Marvel Strike Force: Squad RPG (com.foxnextgames.m3) without any graphical glitches in Arena.
  • Dive into LOSTCITY (로스트시티): ZERO ( and play without any fear of a black screen.
  • You can now play Huyền Thoại Kiêu Hùng ( without any flickering graphics disrupting your gameplay.
  • Shoot through demon hordes in Mighty DOOM (com.bethsoft.ubu) without coming across graphical glitches.
  • Prepare for battle as you can now play 왕의 선택 (wangdexuanze.apk) without the game freezing in Compatibility mode.
  • Play Age of Frostfall ( and protect your city from frozen monsters without a black screen interrupting your gameplay when entering the dragon lair.
  • Play SHAMAN KING ふんばりクロニクル(ふんクロ)( without the game crashing or displaying a black screen.
  • Play Crasher: Nirvana ( without seeing a glitch in your screen in Compatibility mode.
  • You'll no longer see an error message after launching 星球:重啟 ( on nVIDIA GPUs.
  • The characters in 轩辕剑龙舞云山 (com.netease.sword) will no longer appear as black silhouettes in Compatibility mode.
  • Dekaron G - MMORPG ( will no longer crash on Intel GPUs during battle in Compatibility mode.
  • You can now install games through the QooApp (com.qooapp.qoohelper).
  • You can now play 겟앰프드 파이터즈 (com.kmbox.gaf) without any in-game text glitching out in Compatibility mode.
  • Sky: Children of the Light ( will no longer crash on nVIDIA GPUs while playing with Vulkan.
  • Discover the wonders of Minecraft (com.mojang.minecraftpe) with the assurance of a present mouse cursor. Enjoy seamless navigation and precise item selection as you delve into new realms and conquer challenges!
  • Play The Secret of Cat Island (com.likeitgames.AfterRain2) and Rise of Cultures: Kingdom Game (com.innogames.riseofcultures) without any fear as we've dramatically reduced the occurance of flickering graphics.
  • 新 小森生活 has been given a new set of prescription glasses to ensure there is no pixelation in the character selection screen in Compatibility mode.
  • Get ready to change the course of history when you play God of Night - онлайн ММОРПГ ( as the game will no longer freeze in Compatibility mode.
  • Play 드래곤라자 오리진 with SIA ( without coming across a black screen in Compatibility mode and get ready to relive the story of Hooch and Sanson!
  • Recruit players in モンスターストライク( and 怪物彈珠 - RPG手機遊戲 ( without coming across any error message. Ready your monster ball to attack the enemy!
  • Capture your best moments in Snapchat ( without seeing an inverted camera screen in Compatibility mode.
  • Explore the world of Valkriye Connect (, without any fear of the game crashing at launch!
  • Play Valiant Force 2 (com.xiibraves.valiantforce2) as no more crashes or graphical glitches will stop you from bringing peace and stability back to the realm of Arathos.

Released on: May 12, 2023



App Player Updates

1. You can now play Honkai: Star Rail (com.HoYoverse.hkrpgoversea) without a black screen blocking your path or the game crashing on BlueStacks App Player! Prepare for a cosmic adventure across the stars aboard the Star Rail.

Released on: May 2, 2023



App Player Updates

1. Play Honkai: Star Rail (com.HoYoverse.hkrpgoversea) without the game crashing or coming across a black screen and get ready for an immersive and trailblazing adventure beyond the stars!

Released on: April 28, 2023




| Main Updates

1. The Game Center has now been renamed to the App Center along with various improvements made to its search algorithm and UI to ensure that your experience while installing apps is more streamlined and hassle-free!

Released on: April 17, 2023




| App Player Updates

1. Play Higan: Eruthyll (com.bilibiligame.heglgp) and explore Fantasyland like never before with the various improvements made to ensure you have an enhanced gameplay experience!

2. Capture your best moments in Snapchat ( now available on BlueStacks 5 Android Pie!

Released on: April 7, 2023




| App Player Updates

1. Jump into the magical worlds of Avatars Saga and Call of Dragons as we've smoothened out some rough edges to ensure you have a spectacular gameplay experience!

Released on: March 31, 2023




| App Player Updates

1. You can now successfully install BlueStacks App Player as you will no longer receive a false positive alert from Microsoft Defender SmartScreen.

Released on: March 21, 2023




| App Player Updates

1. Ready your gameplay goggles and prepare to dive into KOF: Survival City (com.joycity.kof) for an enhanced gameplay experience on the App Player.

Released on: March 17, 2023




| App Player Updates

1. Get ready to game like never before with our latest update and enjoy a smoother gameplay experience in Age of Frostfall ( and Ace Racer (com.netease.racerna) on the App Player.

Released on: March 16, 2023



| Main Updates

1. We've reimagined the BlueStacks logo by fusing it with, our parent company, to give you a better idea of the direction we’re taking for the future!

2. You can now instantly play a variety of games directly on your browser from the Instant Play button on the Home page of BlueStacks X. Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading and installing games and get ready to expand your gaming universe!

Released on: March 14, 2023

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks X. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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