Release Notes - BlueStacks X v10.1



Main Updates

1. You will now see a "Play in browser" button for various popular Android games that can be instantly played in the browser, within the game’s detailed page. No downloads or installation is required!

Powered by the Cloud technology, you can instantly play these games at the highest FPS and graphical settings as playing on the Cloud will not consume any local resources if they’re available in your region.

Additionally, if you have any issues installing the game in the App Player, playing on the Cloud is a seamless alternative to start your journey!


2. You can now play Cloud games directly in your browser using the “Instant Play” tab, on the left-hand side of your screen as shown below.

Powered by our Cloud technology, with more games being added, you can now play instantly without any downloads or installation required!


Depending on your region, you may see various popular mobile or casual games. Jump straight into the action!

App Player Updates

1. Enhance your aiming accuracy in shooting games with a custom crosshair that you can add using the "Advanced settings" of the "Crosshair" key control! Additionally, you can also customize various aspects of the crosshair such as style, size, opacity and color!

Take control and hit your targets with ease! To learn more, click here.

2. You can now allocate 8 GB or 12 GB of memory to BlueStacks for a smoother gameplay experience! To do this, head over to the "Performance" tab in the Settings menu.

System requirements

  • To assign 8 GB of memory, your desktop/laptop needs at least 11 GB of inbuilt memory.
  • To assign 12 GB of memory, your desktop/laptop needs more than 16 GB of inbuilt memory.

3. You can now have any changes in the FPS settings applied instantly, without having to restart BlueStacks App Player. 

NOTE: For some games, you may need to restart BlueStacks App Player for the changes to be applied. 

4. Explore your favorite games on Android 11 even with Hyper-V enabled on your desktop/laptop!

5. We're excited to announce that Android 11 is no longer in BETA! 

6. If Hyper-V is partially enabled on your desktop/laptop, you will now see a pop-up that can enable Hyper-V for you automatically. 

7. Your game control toggle state (ON or OFF) will be remembered on every launch, saving you the hassle of having to set it every time.

8. We've reduced the installation time for .apk files, ensuring you get to your favorite apps faster than before!

9. Bug Fixes:

  • Return to the realm of Arathos as you can now play Valiant Force 2 (com.xiibraves.valiantforce2) with default resolution set to “High”.
  • Save the world in 히트2 (com.nexon.hit2) as the game will no longer crash.
  • Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Hit2 (com.nexon.hit2tw) as you can now play the game smoothly without any worry of lag or FPS drops.
  • Explore dungeons when you play 퍼즐&드래곤즈 Puzzle & Dragons (jp.gungho.padKO) as the game will no longer crash.
  • Become the patriarch who commands the world in 最強武士道 (com.rastargames.topbushitw) without the game screen freezing.
  • Play the following games at 60 FPS by default on BlueStacks 5 App Player.
    • Dead by Daylight Mobile (com.netease.dbdena)
    • MARVEL SNAP (com.nvsgames.snap)
    • 時空少女の羈絆 - 美少女戰鬥養成RPG (com.aowu.sksndjb)
    • 風起三國之亂世逐鹿 (
    • 鈴蘭之劍:為這和平的世界 (com.xd.ssrpgtw)
    • カバラの伝説 (com.arkgames.ggplay.tlonjp)
  • Gear up for mayhem in Mech Arena (com.plarium.mechlegion) as you can now use touch controls without any hassles.
  • Sail through the endless sea in Uncharted Waters Origin (com.linegames.uwo and com.linegames.uwogl) without the game crashing or coming across an error message.
  • You can now play Game of Empires: Warring Realms ( with default graphics set to “Ultra”. Establish your empire and start an epic expedition toward the fabled Atlantis!
  • Play Life Makeover ( and with default FPS set to high and decorate your character to suit your whim!
  • Play サモンズボード ( without the game crashing and get ready to manipulate monsters on the summoning board!
  • Play ドラゴンクエストⅩ 冒険者のおでかけ超便利ツール (com.square_enix.dqxtools) without the game crashing.
  • Get ready to set foot in a new realm that is timeless when you play [777Real]P聖戦士ダンバイン2 ( without the game crashing or coming across any error message.
  • Play Anipang Coins (com.playmetachain.anipangcoins) without any fear of the game crashing. Spin, Attack, and Win!
  • Help Kate and Paul solve mysteries as you can now play Klondike Adventures (com.vizorapps.klondike) without coming across any error message.
  • Duke it out in Battle Royale as you can now play GGGGG ( without coming across any error message.
  • Command monsters in ドラゴンクエストタクト|ドラクエのタクティクスRPG (com.square_enix.android_googleplay.dqtactj) without coming across any error message or the game crashing.
  • Time to hit the books as VedPrep Chem Academy (com.chemacademy) will no longer crash.
  • Conquer vast lands and deep seas in 왕의 선택 (wangdexuanze.apk) as you can now play the game at 60 FPS and high graphics by default.
  • You'll no longer see an error message after launching エンゲージ・キル(Engage Kill) (com.square_enix.android_googleplay.EngageKill_j).
  • Build the ultimate monster team in DRAGON QUEST TACT (com.square_enix.android_googleplay.dqtactn) without the game crashing.

Released on: June 5, 2023

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks X. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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