Release Notes for BlueStacks X v10.4

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App Player Updates

1. Dive into the world of fashion in Shining Nikki ( without any hassles. It's time to save Miraland from a looming disaster!

Released on: October 25, 2023

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App Player Updates

1. Play Dungeon Hunter 6 ( at 60 FPS immediately after you launch the game on BlueStacks 5! Explore Valenthia and overcome your enemies!

2. Drive ahead of your opponents with ease in 巔峰極速 (com.longe.racehmt) without seeing a black screen after launching the game on Android Pie and Android 11!

Released on: October 20, 2023

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Main Updates

1. Introducing the OG Store's Webshop — Get your gaming bling at prices that are much more competitive than traditional app stores, with exclusive offers and additional discounts! 

Elevate your gameplay experience by using the Webshop to get:

  • Rare in-game items
  • Special discounts on purchases
  • Exclusive offers and deals
  • ...and more!

You can explore the Webshop with its intuitive UI, which makes it easy to:

  • Search for a game  
  • Add filters to distinguish games based on their genre or platform (Mobile or PC)
  • Uncover discounts and exclusive items for each game with ease

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Enter the Webshop and enhance your gameplay experience without breaking the bank! Choose from a wide selection of Mobile and PC games and make your in-game purchases with additional discounts not found in traditional app stores. 

2. You can now explore the Webshop, dive into Instaplay and play Web3 games without having to log in to your account . The road has been smoothened for your arrival! 

App Player Updates

1. Battle through the frozen wastelands in Whiteout Survival ( with no more crashes while trying to log in with a new account or while creating a new character with an existing account.

2. You can now play GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE (com.proximabeta.nikke, com.gamamobi.nikke) without facing any error messages!

3. Play Luna Rebirth: Idle MMORPG (com.mujoysg.luna) without the game crashing or freezing on Android Pie and Android 11! 

Released on: October 18, 2023



App Player Updates

1. Instantly capture epic gaming highlights using Moments Mode! Effortlessly save the last 30 seconds of your gameplay by pressing CTRL + M after you've enabled Moments Mode from the "Screen recording" icon on the Side toolbar. 

2. Record your gameplay to cherish and capture your jaw-dropping victories! Simply click on the "Screen recording" icon on the Side toolbar and select "Start recording". Once your gaming session has ended, click on "Stop" and you'll be able to view a high-quality recording of your gameplay.

Released on: September 28, 2023



Main Updates

1. Get to your favorite games faster than before as you can now access InstaPlay directly from the home screen, depending on its availability in your region.


2. Instantly play your game, while it is being downloaded or installed in the background. Take a peek behind the curtain while you wait!


NOTE: This is dependent on the game being available on the Cloud within your region.

App Player Updates

1. Play Cops N Robbers: Pixel Craft Gun (com.joydo.minestrikenew) without the app crashing on BlueStacks 5 Android Pie and Android 11. Grab your firearms, stock up on ammo and kick off your adventure!

2. Brace yourself for a musical voyage in takt op. 運命は真紅き旋律の街を( and orchestrate harmony worldwide without any interruptions on BlueStacks 5 Android Pie.

3. Fight for honor and glory in 最高懸賞令 ( as you can now play without coming across any chat-related complications on BlueStacks 5. 

4. Beat the taiko drum in 太鼓之達人 RHYTHM CONNECT (com.linecorp.LGTAIKO) without coming across any error messages on BlueStacks 5 Android Pie and Android 11.

5. You can now effortlessly copy text from any Windows program and paste it into the Bluestacks App Player without any disruptions, guaranteeing a smoother experience than before!

6. Dominate RAID: Shadow Legends (com.plarium.raidlegends) with higher and consistent FPS for unmatched precision during battle.

7. Gear up for smoother gameplay sessions with optimized CPU and RAM performance in:

  • Whiteout Survival (
  • Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars (
  • The Lord of the Rings: War (com.netease.lotr)
  • RAID: Shadow Legends (com.plarium.raidlegends)

8. Enjoy an enhanced gaming experience and take your gameplay to the next level with our latest performance boosters that significantly increase BlueStacks App Player's Geekbench score.

Released on: September 18, 2023

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