Key controls for Solo Leveling: Arise on BlueStacks 5

How do I play Solo Leveling: Arise?

Embark on the thrilling journey of Solo Leveling: Arise and arm yourself with the intuitive controls to aid in your battles!

Getting started

Before you jump into the main storyline of Solo Leveling: Arise, press F1 on your keyboard. 

When you press F1, this will toggle "Shooting mode", allowing you to:

  • Look around by moving your mouse
  • Execute in-game actions, such as "Attack", by using the left and right mouse buttons 
  • Have a more immersive gameplay experience by removing your mouse cursor from the screen

NOTE: To navigate through the in-game menus and any pop-ups that may appear while playing, you will need to press F1 again to make the mouse cursor visible. 

Take a look at the following section to learn more about detailed in-game controls.

What are the keyboard/mouse controls to play Solo Leveling: Arise?

You can use the following key controls to play Solo Leveling: Arise on BlueStacks 5.

Movement controls

Key Action
W.png Move up
A.png Move left
S.png Move down
D.png Move right
f1 View surroundings / Pan around


Combat controls

Key Action
Screenshot_3.png Basic Attack
Screenshot_3 - Copy.png Basic Skill 1
Q.png Basic Skill 2
E.png Weapon Skill 1
C.png Weapon Skill 2
Screenshot_4.png QTE Skill
shift.png Evade
F.png Ultimate Skill
1.png Teammate 1 Ultimate Skill
2.png Teammate 2 Ultimate Skill
3.png Teammate 3 Ultimate Skill
Capslock.png Change Target


Miscellaneous controls

Key Action
TAB.png Auto play toggle
P.png Pause


Now that you know the right keystrokes for every in-game action, march your way to victory!

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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