Recommended settings for Standoff 2 on BlueStacks 5

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By using the recommended settings, you will get the best possible gaming experience while playing Standoff 2 on BlueStacks 5. The recommended settings are as follows:

Recommended changes in the BlueStacks settings:

  • Set "CPU allocation" to "High (4 Cores)"
  • Set "Memory allocation" to "Enhanced (4 GB)"
  • Switch on "Enable high frame rate" 
  • Set "Frame rate" to "90"

Recommended changes in the in-game settings: 

  • Set all "Video" parameters to "High"
  • Set "Target FPS" to "90"
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How can I apply the recommended BlueStacks settings?

1. Open the Settings menu in BlueStacks by clicking on the gear icon on the Side Toolbar, as shown below.


2. Under the "Performance" tab, apply the following settings:

  • Set "CPU allocation" to "High (4 Cores)"
  • Set "Memory allocation" to "Enhanced (4 GB)"


3. Navigate to "Enable high frame rate" and switch the toggle to ON, as shown below. 


4. You can now set the "Frame rate" to "90" by moving the slider. 


5. Click on "Save changes" to apply these settings.


6. You will then be asked to restart BlueStacks for these changes to take effect. Click on "Restart now".


How can I apply the recommended in-game settings?

1. Launch BlueStacks and click on Standoff 2 on the home screen.


2. Click on the gear icon on the bottom-left corner of your screen to access the in-game settings. 


3. Navigate to the "Video" tab and click on it.


4. Set the following parameters to "High", as shown below. 

  • "Shader Details" 
  • "Texture Details" 
  • "Model Details"
  • "Effect Details "
  • "Screen Resolution"

NOTE: We recommend a minimum setting of "Medium" to play Standoff 2 on BlueStacks 5. 


5. Set "Target FPS" to "90"


NOTE: While you can go up to 144 FPS in the in-game settings, we recommend you to play the game at 90 FPS to experience consistent frame rates. 

6. Click on "Apply" to save your changes. 


You can now enjoy the best gaming experience while playing Standoff 2 on BlueStacks 5.

More about Standoff 2 on BlueStacks 5

Watch the video given below to learn how you can play the game in 4K resolution on BlueStacks 5.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks 5. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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