How to change mouse wheel settings on BlueStacks 5

What is the mouse wheel setting?

You can now use the mouse wheel to either scroll or zoom on the latest version of BlueStacks 5.

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To do this, head over to the "Controls Editor" menu and select the option that best aligns with your gaming style.

  • Scroll: To scroll up or down the screen in apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Zoom: To zoom in and zoom out on the screen in games like Boom Beach, Call of Dragons, etc.

You can also switch to the alternative function quickly by pressing the "ctrl" key and scrolling the mouse wheel. For example, if you've set the function as "Scroll," you can use the "ctrl" key along with the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the screen.

Customize the default action of the mouse wheel to suit your gaming style and add it to your arsenal of controls!

How can I change these settings?

1. Open BlueStacks 5 and launch the app to which you want to add this control. We are taking the example of Call of Dragons.


2. Right-click on the "Game controls" icon on the Side toolbar to open the Controls editor, as shown below.


NOTE: You can also click the "Game controls" icon and select "Controls editor".

3. Click on the drop-down menu to select a control scheme from the ones available for your game.


4. Select the "Mouse wheel" option from the list, as shown below.


5. Drag and drop it onto a suitable space on the game screen.


6. Hover on it and select the gear icon to open the "Mouse wheel" settings.


7. Here, select the desired function you wish to assign for scrolling the mouse wheel:

  • Scroll: It will scroll up and down the screen.
  • Zoom: It will zoom in and zoom out on the screen.


NOTE: This setting may vary for different apps and games.

8. You can adjust the zoom amplitude and speed as per your style of playing by clicking on "More settings".


9. Set the values to suit your preference, as shown below.


10. Since the changes will be saved automatically, simply click on the "X" icon to proceed.


11. Click on "Save", as shown in the image below. This will save the control scheme so you may use these selected controls whenever you play the game.


12. Click on the "X" icon to go back to the game and start playing with the new control unlocked!


NOTE: If you've assigned "Scroll" as the function, you can zoom in and out of the screen by pressing "ctrl" and scrolling the mouse wheel.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks 5. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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