BlueStacks Security Advisories

Advisory ID Published Title Status Updated
BS-2021-002 19-10-2021 BlueStacks update fixes vulnerabilities (BS-2021-002) Closed 19-10-2021
BS-2021-001 09-04-2021 Bluestacks update fixes vulnerabilities (BS-2021-001) Closed 09-04-2021
BS-2020-001 02-11-2020 BlueStacks update fixes vulnerabilities CVE-2020-24367 Closed 02-11-2020
BS-2019-002 18-09-2019 Security Bulletin: Bluestacks update fixes vulnerabilities CVE-2019-14220 Closed 18-09-2019
BS-2019-001 28/05/2019 BlueStacks’ IPC mechanism exposes security vulnerabilities that are exploitable via malicious web pages Closed 28/05/2019
BS-2018-001 11/10/2018 BlueStacks fails to restrict access permissions Closed 11/10/2018
BS-2016-002 10/10/2016 Privilege Escalation Closed 10/10/2016
BS-2016-001 06/08/2016 Allows users to execute arbitrary programs with System permissions Closed 06/08/2016

All the entities in the above table whose status is "Closed", are fixed on the latest version of BlueStacks which can be downloaded from our website 


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