Bluestacks update fixes vulnerabilities (BS-2020-001)

Updated date - 02-11-2020


Impact of Vulnerability  Escalation of privilege vulnerability in BlueStacks
CVE Numbers  CVE-2020-24367
Severity Rating High
CVSS v3 Base / Temporal Scores: Base: 8.2
Recommendations Install or update to the latest version of BlueStacks
Affected Versions Windows: BlueStacks 4.230 and below
Location of Updated Software



Bluestacks 4 is vulnerable to privilege escalation attacks that allow a local user on Windows
(“Low Integrity”) to induce the execution of code with administrative scope ("High Integrity") on
Windows 10. This is due to incorrect permissions set by Bluestacks when installed, which
allows any user (“Everyone”) to modify files that may later be executed with administrative



Download the latest version of BlueStacks from


Danny "Rushyo" Moules

CVSS Scoring

Base Score 8.2
Attack Vector (AV) Local (L)
Attack Complexity (AC) Low (L)
Privileges Required (PR) Low (L)
User Interaction (UI) Required (R)
Score (S) Changed (C)
Confidentiality (C) High (H)
Integrity (I) High (H)
Availability (A) High (H)


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