How to configure my antivirus software to improve performance of BlueStacks 5

How will it help?

Your antivirus software might interrupt the installation or working of BlueStacks 5 on your computer.

Configuring your antivirus correctly will help you get the best overall experience while using BlueStacks.

How can I configure it correctly?

Open your antivirus program by double-clicking on its icon from your desktop or from the taskbar, as shown below. 

NOTE: If you are not sure which icon represents your antivirus program, holding the mouse cursor over the icon (without clicking) will display the name of the program. Double-clicking will bring up the program's main menu.


Now based on which antivirus you have on your PC, click on the links below to learn how to configure it:

Avast Antivirus:

1. Please use the recommended settings for Avast antivirus, as described in this article
2. You may also try disabling Avast shields control (temporarily) by referring to Avast's official support page

AVG Antivirus:

1. AVG slows down BlueStacks due to one of its settings. Please update your AVG antivirus settings by following the steps mentioned in this article.
2. You may also disable AVG protection temporarily. Check out the official support page of AVG for details.

McAfee Antivirus:

1. Disable McAfee real-time scanning temporarily to configure the antivirus. Read this for information on how to do it.

Norton Antivirus:

1. To configure Norton Antivirus, you will have to disable Norton auto-protect temporarily. To learn how you can do this, please click here.

Quick Heal Antivirus:

1. Pause Quick Heal Total Security temporarily by referring to Quick Heal's official support page.

NOTE: If you are facing problems while installing BlueStacks, we recommend disabling the antivirus and internet security temporarily and re-enable it after BlueStacks installation is complete, to stay safe on the Web.

ESET NOD antivirus:

1. To configure ESET NOD antivirus, disable ESET real-time protection temporarily. To learn how you can do this, please refer to ESET's official support page.


1. Make sure hardware virtualization is enabled in your Kaspersky settings. Follow this link to check if hardware virtualization is available and enabled on your computer.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

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