How to use MOBA stop movement on BlueStacks 5

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The MOBA stop movement function brings your character to a halt after you cast a skill/spell. This lets you view your surroundings before proceeding further in MOBA games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and more.


The steps detailed below in this article will show how you can use the MOBA stop movement function.

How can I use MOBA stop movement?

1. Launch any MOBA game on BlueStacks 5. Let's take Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as an example.


2. Right-click on the "Game controls" button from the side toolbar, as shown below.


3. The Controls editor will open up. From here, drag and place the "MOBA skill pad" control directly on top of the skills/spells your character has.


4. Click on the gear icon below the "MOBA Skill pad" control, as shown below.


5. Now, checkmark the box next to the "Stop movement" setting. 

6. Then, click on the "Save" button to enable the MOBA stop movement function. Once done, your character will come to a halt every time after casting a spell.

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