Merging macros in BlueStacks 5

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You can now merge two or more pre-recorded macros to run multiple macros consecutively in just one click on BlueStacks 5.

You can customize the settings for the merged macros, such as their execution speed, the order in which the merged macros are executed and more, by following the steps given below.

How can I merge macros on BlueStacks?

1. After you have recorded a few macros, click on the "Open macro manager" button on the Side Toolbar, as shown below


2. On the "BlueStacks macro manager" window, click on the "Merge" button, as shown in the image.


3. On the "Merge macros" window, you will see the list of all existing macros on your BlueStacks. To merge macros, click on the "+" sign in front of each macro one by one that you wish to merge.


4. You can now see the selected macros under the "Macros to merge" section. You may reorder the execution of macros by using the "Drag to sort" button, as shown in the image.

To reorder a macro, simply click and hold this button in front of that macro and drag the macro to the desired position in the list.


5. You may change the settings for individual macros by clicking on the arrow present next to that macro.


6. You can also remove a macro from the list by clicking on the "X" button present next to that macro.


7. You may group two or more macros together by clicking on the "Group" button, as shown in the image.

Grouping two macros ensures that both macros share the same settings. You can make the changes to one of the macros and then, group it with another macro to apply the same settings to both the macros.

NOTE: You will not be able to delete an individual macro that has been grouped. However, you may delete the entire group in which a macro has been added.


8. You can assign a new name for the new merged macro, by typing it in the box, as shown below:


9. You can use the "Settings" button to customize the settings of the merged macro, as shown below. Once you've made the changes, click on "Save".

NOTE: The "Stop macro on returning to the Home screen" setting will not be carried over to the merged macro. 


10. Once you have applied the settings as per your preference, click on the "Merge" button to combine the two macros in the sequence selected by you.


11. The combined macro will be created with the name assigned by you, as shown below.


12. You can use the "Merge settings" button available in front of the merged macro, to edit the settings for that merged macro.


13. On this screen, you can combine the two individual macros permanently by using the "Unify" button, as shown below.

NOTE: You will not be able to choose the sequence of individual macros after they are unified.


14. After clicking on "Unify", you will be asked for a confirmation. Click on "Unify".


15. The "Merged settings" button will now be replaced by the normal settings button, as shown below.


Thank you for choosing BlueStacks 5. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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