Solution for camera-related issues on BlueStacks 5

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You can troubleshoot any issues that you experience while using your integrated or external cameras on BluesStacks 5 using the steps given in this detailed guide.

To resolve any camera-related issues, you should:

On the latest version of BlueStacks 5, you can use a camera of your choice if you're facing an issue with a certain camera or if you'd like to use one with better image quality. To learn how to switch cameras on BlueStacks 5, click here.

How can I reset my camera settings on Windows 10?

1. On the start menu of your desktop/laptop, click on the gear icon to access the settings menu, as shown below.


2. Select "Apps" from the Settings menu.


3. On the next screen, select the "Apps & features" tab.


4. On the "Apps & features" page, scroll down, locate and click on the "Camera" app. Then, select "Advanced options" under the app name, as displayed below.


5. Under Advanced options, scroll down to find the "Reset" option. Click on it to reset the Windows camera.


How can I check if the integrated camera is functioning as expected?

1. Search for "Camera" in the start menu. Launch the app as shown below, to check if it's working on Windows or not.


2. If the Camera app on your desktop/laptop is working fine, then the camera will open.


If the camera is not working properly, you will see the error pop-up on your screen, as shown below.


NOTE: If the internal camera on your laptop is not working, you can enable it using step 3(a) mentioned below.

How can I update the drivers for my integrated/external camera?

For your camera to work properly, you must always keep the camera drivers updated. Also, if you wish to use only an external webcam, you can disable the integrated camera.

1. On your Windows desktop, press Windows key + R. This will open the Run dialogue, as shown below.


2. In the dialogue box, type "devmgmt.msc." and click on "OK".


3. On the "Device Manager" page, expand the section "Cameras" and right-click on your webcam device. From the menu, select "Disable device", as shown below.


NOTE: If your webcam is not listed under "Cameras", you can find it under "Imaging devices", as shown below.


4. Reinstall the camera. Here's how you can reinstall:

To reinstall the integrated camera on your desktop/laptop:
On the Device Manager page, expand the section "Cameras"(or "Imaging devices") and right-click on your integrated webcam device. From the menu:
  • First, select "Enable device".
  • Right-click on your webcam again and now, select "Update driver".


To reinstall an external camera on your desktop/laptop:

1. If you wish to use only your external webcam, right-click on the integrated camera and choose "Disable device" from the Device Manager. If you wish to use both cameras, you can skip this step.

2. Connect a new external webcam to your computer and wait for Windows to automatically install the appropriate device drivers. Once the device is added successfully, it will automatically be listed in the device manager, either under "Cameras" or under "Imaging devices".

Right-click on the newly added camera device and select "Enable device" as shown below.


Once the above steps are done, you should be able to get positive results.

Launch BlueStacks 5 and open the "Camera" app present under System apps to use your camera, as mentioned below. 



  • In case you are using a DSLR, please attach the device to your system through a USB port and install its driver software if provided.
  • If you see the following error message, close the camera app on Windows and all other applications using it, then restart BlueStacks and launch the camera in it.


You should now be able to use your camera on BlueStacks 5 without any issues.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks 5, we hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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