How to clear Google Play Store data and/or cache on BlueStacks 5

How will this help?

Google Play Store routinely collects data and saves it to curate recommendations for you on services like Google Play Store, based on your past preferences and your current location.

Similarly, the cache is saved by Google to improve your user experience for app suggestions aligned with your interests.

However, Google data/cache may slow down a particular app's performance and you may want to clear these from your storage.

This article will guide you on how to clear Google data and/or cache in BlueStacks 5.

How can I do it?

1. Launch BlueStacks 5 and open the "System apps" folder.


2. Here, click on "Settings".


3. Now, click on "Apps", as shown below.


4. Now, scroll through your list of apps and select "Google Play store", as shown below.


5. Next, on the "App info" page, select "Storage".


6. On the page that opens next, you will see two separate options to:

  • Clear data
  • Clear cache

Click on the "Clear data" or the "Clear cache" button, depending on your preference.

NOTE: If you click on "Clear data", both the Google Play Store data and cache are cleared automatically from storage and you needn't separately clear cache. However, if you click on "Clear cache", only the Google cache gets cleared and you have to separately clear Google data, if you wish to.


7. A message will appear on your screen to confirm if you wish to delete the app data and/or cache. Click on "OK" to continue.


8. Once the Google data or cache is cleared, the memory occupied by "Data/cache" will become 0 bytes, indicating that it has been cleared, and the respective button for it will be greyed out.


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