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Sync operations on BlueStacks 5

How will this help?

"Sync operations" on BlueStacks 5 lets you replay the same action across multiple active instances in synchrony, at the same time.

When "Sync operations" is enabled, actions performed on the primary instance, such as gameplay, typing, earning daily game rewards and changing in-game settings, are automatically performed on other active instances to save time and effort.

NOTE: Any actions performed on the secondary instances will not be reflected on the primary instance while "Sync operations" is enabled.

How can I synchronize operations across instances?

1. To start synching instances, click on the "Sync operations" icon from the Side Toolbar, as shown below. You may also the shortcut keys "Ctrl + Shift + 9" to start syncing operations.


2. If only the primary instance of BlueStacks is running, a pop-up window will appear asking you to start other instances, as shown below. Here, click on "Open instance manager".

NOTE: If multiple instances that you wish to synchronize are already running, please skip to step 5.


3. The Multi-instance manager will open up. Here, you can create or start multiple instances of BlueStacks. Please refer to this detailed article to learn more about using the Multi-Instance Manager.


4. Once multiple instances are running, turn on "Sync operations" again on that instance which you wish to make your primary instance.


5. A new window will appear. Here, select the secondary instance you wish to synchronize with the primary instance and click on "Start sync". You may select multiple instances to sync at the same time.


6. Now, every action that you perform in the primary instance will reflect on the synced instance as well, such as installing an app, launching a game and performing in-game actions.

The illustration below shows the primary instance at the top left and how the in-game actions performed on it trigger the same results on the synced secondary instances around it.


7. When "Sync operations" is enabled, different icons appear on the top bar of all the synced instances. You may use these icons to distinguish between the multiple active instances.

a) Primary instance: A set of icons appear on the top bar of the primary instance, as shown below.


The buttons available on the primary instance are:

  • "Sync operations" icon: It appears on the top bar of all instances that are in sync. Placing your cursor on this icon shows a notification informing you that this instance is syncing operations to other instances, as shown below.


  • Pause buttonThis button lets you temporarily play/pause the syncing of operations. Click on it or use the shortcut keys "Ctrl+Shift+P".


  • Stop buttonClicking on this button will instantly stop the syncing of operations amongst all the instances. You may use the active instances individually now.


b) Secondary instances in sync with the primary instance: All secondary instances that are in sync with the primary instance will only display the "Sync operations" icon on the top bar. If you place your cursor on it, you will see a notification informing you that this instance is syncing operations from another instance, as shown below.


c) Secondary instances not in sync with the primary instance: Other active instances on which syncing is not enabled will not display any new icons on the top bar.


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