How to set your preferred location on BlueStacks 5

How will this help?

You can now use apps that require access to your location in order to function efficiently and also find nearby players to play different games with on BlueStacks 5.

To do this, you can set your current location or use a custom location of your choice by following the steps mentioned below.

How can I set my location?

1. Launch BlueStacks 5 and press the Ctrl + Shift + K keys or click on the "Set location" icon on the Side Toolbar, as shown below.


2. You will now see Google maps on BlueStacks 5 and your current location will be set as default here if you have not selected a custom location before.

The image below shows "London, United Kingdom" as the location set by default on BlueStacks 5.


3. You can set a custom location on BlueStacks 5 by:

Search and set your preferred location

1. Click on the "Search" button at the top-left corner of your screen.


2. The Address Search box will open. Here, enter the address of your preferred location and press "Enter" or click on "Search".


3. Now, the registered address for your preferred location will be displayed, underneath the text field. Click on this address to navigate to it on the map.


4. Now, click on the "Set location" button at the top-left corner to assign this as your location on BlueStacks 5.


In case you wish to revert back to your live location, simply click on the "Reset" button, as shown below.


Select your preferred location on the map

1. Navigate through the map and until you find your preferred location.

NOTE: To navigate through the map, click on a location and then drag your mouse cursor away from it to move. 

2. For easier navigation through the map, you can:

  • Zoom in/Zoom out by clicking on the (+) and (-) buttons, shown below. You can also hold the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard and scroll your mouse wheel to zoom in/out.

  • Click on the "Show your location" button at the top-right side or your screen to head back to the currently set location.

3. Now, click on your preferred location on the map. This will be set as your location on BlueStacks 5 and you will now see a marker on top of it.

If you wish to revert back to your live location, you can click on the "Reset" button, as shown below.


With this, you will now be able to choose your preferred location for BlueStacks 5.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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