Why you'll get a "New sign in" message after logging into Play Store on BlueStacks 5

Why do I see this message?

After you log in to the Play Store with your Gmail account on BlueStacks 5, you will immediately receive an email or a notification from Google, informing you about your sign-in from a new device, as shown below. Google considers BlueStacks a new device because it is virtually an Android phone running on your PC, the situation is no different from your acquiring another phone and signing in to your Google account.


This notification is simply confirming that your sign in through BlueStacks was successful with the email address you provided. It is completely normal and you may ignore this email.

This message also includes a device name, such as Samsung Galaxy S10, as seen above. This device name indicates the device profile currently selected on your BlueStacks 5.

NOTE: This device profile is not related to the actual physical phone or device that you use.


If you are experiencing other login-related issues on Play Store, please refer to this article. For any other questions or queries, you can submit a problem report or contact us at the email address given below!

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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