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What is a graphics renderer?

A graphics renderer or a graphics library is a software program that helps in displaying images or graphics to a computer screen. Graphics libraries are mainly used in video games and simulations. BlueStacks can use either of the OpenGL and DirectX libraries available on your PC.

Which graphics renderer should I choose on BlueStacks?

OpenGL and DirectX have the same functions to perform. Some games work better with OpenGL while others perform smoother with DirectX, depending upon their specific graphics needs. Most games work without any issues with the default settings on BlueStacks and you won't have to change this setting in most cases.

For some apps, BlueStacks would suggest that you switch the renderer to get the best experience if the needed settings to run the app properly differ from your current BlueStacks settings. In such cases, you will see a popup when you launch the app, asking you to change the graphics renderer from what is currently selected in your BlueStacks settings, as shown in the image below.

A few examples of such apps are:

  • Brave Frontier
  • Seven Knights
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom
  • Call Of Duty: Mobile
  • Warpath
  • Kings Raid


To read more about graphics settings on BlueStacks, please refer to this article.

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