MOBA mode on BlueStacks 5

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MOBA mode is a combination of MOBA D-PAD and MOBA skill settings. 

With MOBA mode, your Hero/Player/Avatar can move in any direction (360-degree movement) using key controls for different skills and abilities. Almost all the keyboard functions are assigned to the mouse, allowing for swift movement control.

How can I use the MOBA mode?

To play in MOBA Mode, you need to:

How to use the MOBA D-Pad

MOBA D-PAD grants you the ability to move your character in any direction (360-degree movement). 

1. Launch any MOBA game of your choice from your BlueStacks home screen. We have taken Legend of Ace as an example below.


2. Click on the keyboard icon on the Side Toolbar to access the Game Controls menu. Here, click on "Open advanced editor".


3. Now, select "Create a new scheme" from the drop-down menu below Control scheme.


4. Next, click on the "MOBA D-pad" key control and drag it onto the in-game movement controls, as shown in the image below.


5. Now, click on the gear icon below the MOBA D-Pad control, to access advanced settings, as shown in the image below.


6. Lastly, place a Hero dummy on your hero on the screen for calibration, by clicking on its icon in the settings menu and dragging it on top of your hero on the screen, as shown below.


How to use MOBA Skill settings

After setting up the MOBA D-Pad, the next step to fully enable the MOBA mode is selecting the MOBA Skill settings. The detailed steps for using the MOBA Skill settings have been described below.

1. Click on the "MOBA Skill pad" key control in the Controls Editor. Now drag and place it directly on on top of the skills/spells your character has.

You can assign key control of your choice to it after you have placed them on your preferred skill.


2. Next, click on the gear icon below the "MOBA Skill pad" control, as shown below.


3. You will now see the different MOBA skill settings. You can select either one of the following as per your preference:

  • Quick cast
  • Auto cast
  • Manual cast.

You can view this article here, to know more about MOBA skill settings on BlueStacks 5 in detail.


You can also use MOBA skill settings for other skills/spells your character has, by following the steps above.

Using MOBA stop movement

The MOBA stop movement function brings your character to a halt after you cast a skill/spell. This lets you view your surroundings before proceeding further in the MOBA games.

To do this, you have to checkmark the box next to the "Stop movement" setting in the menu, as shown in step 3 above, to enable MOBA stop movement. 


Click here to know more about MOBA stop movement.

Saving the controls

When both MOBA D-Pad and MOBA Skill settings have been selected, click on "Save", as shown in the image below. This will save the control scheme so you may use these selected controls whenever you play the game.


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