BlueStacks 4: How to use the Side toolbar

What is it?

The Side toolbar is the place where all the useful tools of BlueStacks are listed. These tools enhance your overall gaming experience by giving you quick access to important features.

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What can I do with it?

Every button opens a specific tool, each with its own function. Here's the full list of superpowers that the toolbar brings to your fingertips:    

1.png Toggle fullscreen: You can use this button to enter and exit the full-screen mode while playing a game.
2.png Manage volume: This button lets you increase, decrease or mute the volume of the game you're playing. 
3.png Lock/Unlock cursorThis button allows you to lock your cursor within the gameplay window. You can press the Escape key (Esc) to disable this function.
4.png Game controls: With this, you can view the Game controls menu that allows you to view/edit game controls with a variety of other options.
Screenshot_1.png Install apk: This button lets you install any game on your BlueStacks using .apk files saved on your computer.
5.png Macro recorder: You can use this button to record a macro and improve your gameplay. Follow the link above to learn how to record macros.

Take screenshot: This button lets you take screenshots of your BlueStacks home screen or in-game action.

7.png Record screen: You can use this to record your gameplay in any game while playing on BlueStacks.
8.png Open media folder: You can use this button to gain access to all the recorded gameplay videos and screenshots saved on your computer.
15.PNG Game Guide: This button opens the game guide, where all the controls for your game are listed. This article will tell you more about the Game Guide.
16.PNG Settings: You can use this button to access the Settings menu. Refer to this article to learn all about the different features within the settings menu.

Back: You can use this button to step back in a game while navigating through the in-game menus or exit out of the game if you're on its home screen.

9.png More tools: You can use this button to gain access to even more tools, which are usually hidden while you're playing. When you click on it, the buttons in the table below become visible.
18.png  UTC Converter: This lets you convert UTC to local time and set reminders for upcoming events in Rise of Kingdoms and State of Survival.
14.PNG Shake: This button shakes your BlueStacks player in the games that require it. 
10.PNG Multi-instance manager: This button opens the Multi-instance manager, which lets you create new instances for BlueStacks.
11.PNG RotateThis button rotates an application on BlueStacks from landscape mode to portrait and vice-versa.
12.PNG Set locationYou can use this button to change your location on any apps that require it.
13.png Eco mode: This button lets you use the Eco mode, which helps you help reduce resource consumption on your computer. 


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Last updated on September 28, 2020.

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