How can I use BlueStacks 4 over VPN?


To help you understand and utilize VPN as a security tool and also to get personalized online content from different geographical regions.


 A VPNs will give you  a new digital identity through an IP address from another country, allowing you to get personalized online content from that country.


All users running BlueStacks on their PC.

BlueStacks versions affected

All versions of BlueStacks.

Geo's affected

All Geos.

Steps to use VPN on Windows

Download and install a VPN application on your PC. You can find a variety of options for VPN applications. Some examples along with download links are mentioned below:


CyberGhost VPN

Express VPN

NOTE: We will use HMA Pro for all further steps. 

Once HMA Pro is Downloaded and installed, the dialog box shown below will be displayed:


You can Log-In for a free trial of the VPN application or enter the activation code provided by the VPN application team if you have a subscription for the application.

After taking a moment to activate, the application will show the window displayed in the image below:


Next, you click on the Got It button the dialog box shown in the image below will be displayed.


Click on the Arrow to connect to the nearest best server available from the VPN application's end.


And, you are good to go now! Your IP address is hidden now. Your public IP address is hosted through a remote server in Hong Kong. 

NOTE: You can also use the Location Mode to bypass any censorship implemented in IPs from your country or get localized content from that country. However, to get localized content on BlueStacks, once VPN is connected, you can install BlueStacks from our official website and log onto it using credentials specific to your country, according to which you want your content to be personalized in BlueStacks.

We genuinely appreciate your choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at support at bluestacks dot com. Thank you very much.

Last Updated on Aug 08, 2019

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