How to use MOBA stop movement on BlueStacks 4

How will this help?

With the release of BlueStacks version 4.180, a new tool, MOBA stop movement has been added. This article will help you understand what this is and how to use it effectively.

What is MOBA stop movement?

This is a tool that will be immensely helpful to players of various MOBA games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Enabling this will allow your character to come to a halt after casting a skill/spell. This is extremely helpful as it allows you to view your surroundings before proceeding further, to bathe in the blood of your enemies.

How can I enable this?

1) Launch a MOBA game of your choice. Next, click on the keyboard icon on the side toolbar and click on "Open advanced editor".


2. Next, click on the "MOBA Skill pad" icon and place it directly on the skills/abilities your character has. Screenshot_8.png

3. Click on the gear icon on the key control, as shown below.


4. Ensure that the checkbox beside "Stop movement" is ticked.


You will also be presented with options to change skill settings. You can learn more about skill settings here. 

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Last updated on December 8, 2020.

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