BlueStacks 4: Why does BlueStacks recommend a specific Android version for some apps?

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Why do I need a specific Android version?

Your gameplay experience will be substantially better on the specific Android version required for your game.

Listed below are the different Android versions available. 

  • Nougat 32-bit: The Android Nougat 32-bit version for playing Android 32-bit games, such as Free Fire, Rise of Kingdoms, Among Us, etc.
  • Nougat 64-bit: The Android Nougat 64-bit version for playing Android 64-bit games, such as Teamfight Tactics. Rangers of Oblivion, Tera Hero and more.
  • Lollipop 32-bit:  The Android Lollipop 32-bit version for playing older Android 32-bit apps, such as Dragon Raja.

To see the full list of apps for these Android versions, click on the links above.

How can I download a specific Android version?

There are two ways to download an Android version:

Downloading an Android version through the Multi-Instance Manager

1. Open the Multi-Instance Manager by clicking on its icon on the side toolbar, as shown below. Alternatively, you can press CTRL+Shift+8 on your keyboard to access it.


2. The multi-instance manager window will then open up. Here, click on "New Instance", as shown below.


3. On the next screen, click on Fresh Instance, as shown below.


4. Next, click on the drop-down menu to select your Android version, as shown below. Click on the Android version you wish to choose.

NOTE: By default, the Android version which is currently running on your BlueStacks will be shown at the top. 


5. If the selected Android version is not yet installed on your computer, BlueStacks will prompt you to download it, as shown below. Click on Download to get the desired Android version.


6. Once the Android version is downloaded, you will be asked to select the engine settings for the instance, as shown below.


7. To create the instance, click on Create.


8. You will then see the Android version or that instance, as illustrated below. To begin the instance, simply click on "Start".


Through the BlueStacks prompt

1. When you install an app that requires a different Android version than the one you are currently using on your PC, BlueStacks will recommend you should install the other Android version.

On this prompt, click on Download, as shown below.


2. The Android version will start downloading. Once the download is complete, you will get the option to launch an instance with the new Android version and then download the game on that instance, as shown below.


3. Clicking on Launch will start a new BlueStacks instance with the recommended Android version, as shown below. 


List of games for different Android versions

Here are some examples for games that can be played on the different Android versions:

Nougat 32-bit:

  • Free Fire (com.dts.freefireth)
  • PUBG: Mobile (com.tencent.ig)
  • Call of Duty: Mobile (com.activision.callofduty.shooter)
  • Rise of Kingdoms (
  • Among Us (com.innersloth.spacemafia)

With Nougat 32-bit, you can use the majority of the apps in the Google Play Store. However, the apps listed below are best suited for specific Android versions, which provide a better gameplay experience.

Nougat 64-bit:

  • Teamfight Tactics (com.riotgames.league.teamfighttactics)
  • Tera Hero (com.redsahara.terahero)
  • Rangers of Oblivion (com.gtarcade.lhjx)
  • KarDia tou ABel (
  • Forza Street (

Lollipop 32-bit:

  • Fish Island: Fishing Paradise (com.nhnpixelcube.fishislandII)
  • Ace Fishing: Wild Catch (
  • Dawn of Titans (com.naturalmotion.dawnoftitans)
  • Dragon Raja (
  • Crusaders Quest (com.nhnent.SKQUEST)
  • Guardian Tales (com.kakaogames.gdts)

NOTE: Due to the sheer number of apps on the Play Store, the games listed above are just a few examples of apps that require, or are more compatible, with different Android versions. 

BlueStacks tells you which Android version is the best

This is how BlueStacks lets you know which app works best on which instance:

1. Launch BlueStacks. Let us assume that the default instance is 32-bit. Now, in the search bar, type the name of an app that requires Android 64-bit, like Teamfight Tactics. Hit Enter.


2. On the search results page, click on the game icon to install it, as shown below.


3. Since the default instance is 32-bit but the game requires 64-bit, BlueStacks will prompt you to install the game on a 64-bit instance, as shown in the image.


NOTE: This prompt will show up only when the Android version on the instance you're currently running is different from the one required by the app you're trying to launch. If both the Android versions are the same, the game will launch without any prompts.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

Last updated on September 08, 2020.

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