Game controls menu on BlueStacks 5

What is the Game controls menu?

The Game controls menu on BlueStacks 5 is the place where you will find all the useful tools related to in-game controls.

This detailed article will help you get acquainted with the Game controls menu and how to use it to enhance your gaming experience.

Introducing the Game controls menu on BlueStacks 5

The Game controls menu lets you manage your in-game controls with just one click and lets you perform the following functions:

  • Toggle game controls on/off
  • Manage on-screen controls
  • Select your control schemes
  • Create or edit key controls
  • Assistance with importing control schemes from BlueStacks 4

To access the Game controls menu, first launch a game. After the game launches, click on the Game controls icon on the side toolbar, as shown below.


This will open the Game controls menu, as can be seen in the image below.


Exploring the Game Controls menu

  • Game Controls: It lets you toggle the Game controls ON or OFF. Turning the controls OFF will turn off all the assigned keys and keymappings for that game. This will also disable other Game controls menu options.
  • On-screen Controls: It allows you to toggle the On-screen controls for the keyboard ON or OFF. Using this option, you can view or hide the on-screen controls.
  • Opacity: The slider bar lets you decide the opacity of the key controls on your screen. Slide the bar towards the left to reduce the opacity of the key overlays. Slide it to the right to increase their visibility.
  • Scheme: This option lets you choose between the different control schemes for playing games on BlueStacks 5.
  • Mouse sensitivity: Here, you can change the mouse sensitivity for your cursor. The value of X controls the cursor speed along X-axis for horizontal movement and the value of Y controls the speed along the Y-axis for vertical movement. This option is only available for some games, such as Free Fire.
  • Open advanced editor:  This button gives you access to the Controls Editor where you can map your own key controls or edit the existing ones. To know more about it, please read this article.

To know more about the features available on BlueStacks 5, please refer to the release notes.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

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