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BlueStacks 5.2

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1. You can now play any game on BlueStacks 5 using your gamepad/controller. You will now be able to:

Your gamepad may or may not break out in choreographed dancing and singing after reading this.

2. You can run multiple macros consecutively by merging them together. You can also start or stop your favorite macros at a time of your choosing by assigning shortcut keys to them.

3. You can use apps from across the globe by translating the app screen to the language that is set on BlueStacks 5 by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + L. 

4. Perform various in-game actions at the click of a button by creating or editing intuitive scripts using the Script Editor!

5. You can get the best audio experience possible while playing multiplayer games or live-streaming by selecting your preferred audio devices from the BlueStacks 5 Settings menu.

6. Easily share media files across various apps quickly and conveniently by dragging and dropping them onto your BlueStacks 5 screen. 

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BlueStacks 5.1

1. Play the official emulator version of King's Raid on BlueStacks 5 to experience an enhanced gaming performance. Take your glorious Kingdom to victory!

2. You can now optimize gameplay for your PC environment by selecting one of the performance modes, e.g., for reducing high RAM usage, on BlueStacks 5.

3. Get to your favorite apps faster than ever before due to several optimizations that have led to a much faster launch time for BlueStacks 5.

4. Replay the same actions across multiple instances in one go using sync operations! Command all your instances at the same time and with much ease.

5. Pin BlueStacks 5 above all applications so that it never leaves your sight! Keep up with in-game action, watching videos and everything else, all at the same time!

6. Quickly access different functions in BlueStacks 5 using shortcut keys. Now, all it will take is a click of a few buttons!

7. Create desktop shortcuts for apps installed on BlueStacks 5 or in any specific instances. Enter the universe of gaming within an instant.

8. Play in Ultrawide resolution to make BlueStacks 5 fit perfectly on 21:9 ultrawide monitors and enhance your gaming experience!

9. Play Honkai Impact 3rd with your gamepad on BlueStacks 5! Battle as the Valkyrie using your gamepad and immerse yourself in the Honkai-verse.

10. You can play Punishing: Gray Raven using your gamepad with BlueStacks 5, the official PC partner of the game. Traverse through this new world with your gamepad and combat your enemy!

11. You will experience several new performance enhancements that we have made in BlueStacks 5! We've taken gaming to a brand-new level.

12. You can now "Shake" BlueStacks 5 from the Side toolbar! Get things moving to easily perform in-game actions that require you to shake your device. 

13. You can choose the way your mouse cursor appears in BlueStacks 5. Make a choice that fits your style the best!

14. We've demolished all the bugs that were reported by some of you! Click on the link below to see all the bugs that were wiped out. 

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BlueStacks 5.0

1. Experience the future of Android gaming with BlueStacks 5, buckle up because the future is FAST! You will experience superior performance with BlueStacks 5 thanks to:

  • Up to 40% reduced RAM when playing on a single instance.
  • Up to 50% reduced RAM when playing on multiple instances.
  • Up to 50% faster startup time. 
  • Up to 87% less CPU usage. 
  • Up to 97% less GPU usage.
  • Enhanced engine for smoother and higher FPS.
  • Substantially enhanced performance than BlueStacks 4. 
  • Light-weight and a leaner interface.

To learn more about the dramatic improvements in BlueStacks 5, click here. 

2. Take your gaming experience to the next level with BlueStacks 5. You can: 

3. Enjoy several improvements for Free Fire that will take your gaming experience to a whole new level! Now, you can use smart controls for Free Fire that will work without any issues.

4. Playing Battlegrounds Mobile India on your PC is now possible only with BlueStacks 5. Be the first to claim the victory on this battleground!

5. Perform in-game actions much quickly and with greater ease in Battlegrounds Mobile India using the all-new smart controls.

6. Visit the Game Center on BlueStacks 5 to discover a variety of amazing games from several unique genres. Finding the perfect games just got a whole lot easier!

7. Simply choose the Android version and play Android 32-bit or 64-bit games on BlueStacks 5. Game on!

8. Bring on those gaming marathons! Play for several hours with unparalleled stability and consistent performance throughout.

9. Enjoy superior gaming performance with much higher and stable FPS due to the enhanced engine in BlueStacks 5.

10. Discover a rich new universe of amazing games! With BlueStacks 5, you gain access to the largest gaming library of over 200+ million games.

11. Switch between apps quickly and effortlessly using the Home, Back or Recent Apps buttons.

12. Install an app within seconds by dragging and dropping its .apk file onto BlueStacks 5!

13. Capture your self at best on BlueStacks 5 using your camera.

14. Easily transfer your apps, as well as your game controls and macros from BlueStacks 4 to BlueStacks 5. Don't leave anything you love behind!

15. Switch between different Interface Renderers in BlueStacks 5 for a seamless gaming experience!

16. Play a diverse variety of games using different instances, where each instance can use either x86 or ARM ABI (libraries) required by that game. BlueStacks 5 ABI supports both x86 and ARM libraries together! 

17. Choose where to save your media files from BlueStacks 5 whenever you like! Select your preferred folder right from the Settings menu.

18. Get an expanded view of your roster list in Marvel Strike Force with portrait mode! Easily find who you need to save the day!

19. We've also squashed bugs reported by some of you. Click on the link below to see the full list of bug fixes.

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