How to use the Side toolbar in BlueStacks 5

What is the Side toolbar?

The Side toolbar gives you quick access to very useful tools that let you take screenshots, manage game volume, run macros, customize game controls and much more that enhance your overall gaming experience on BlueStacks 5.

You can access the Side toolbar on the right side of your BlueStacks 5 home screen, as illustrated below.


Get ready to take your gaming journey to a new level by using multiple tools easily available to you on the Side toolbar in BlueStacks 5.

What can I do with the Side toolbar?

Here's everything you can do to enhance your gaming experience with the Side toolbar:

Collapse.png  Close sidebar: Hide or unhide the Side toolbar while using BlueStacks 5.
FullScreen.png  Toggle fullscreenEnter and exit the full-screen mode while playing a game. 
Volume.png  Volume: Increase, decrease or mute the volume of BlueStacks. 
LockCursor.png  Lock mouse cursor: Lock your cursor within the gameplay window. 

 Game controls: View and manage game controls easily

Macro.png  Open macro managerAccess the Macro manager and use macros for your favorite games. 
Sync.png  Sync operations: Perform the same action across multiple active instances in one go.
CleanMemory.png  Trim memory: Free up memory that BlueStacks 5 utilizes on your desktop/laptop. 
InstallApk.png  Install APK: Install any app on your BlueStacks 5 using .apk and .xapk files saved on your computer. 
Screenshot.png  Take screenshot: A quick screen grab to show your in-game moments or your BlueStacks 5 home screen.

 Screen recordingCapture the last 30 seconds of your gameplay with "Moments" or simply record your     gameplay session in a high-quality video.

SidebarMediaFolder.png  Open media folder: Access Moments, video recordings and screenshots captured on BlueStacks 5. 
Rotate.png  Rotate: Rotate an app or play in Portrait or Landscape mode on BlueStacks 5.
Shake.png  Shake: Shake your BlueStacks screen in games or apps that require it.    
SidebarLocation.png  Set location: Set your current location or use a custom location of your choice. 
unnamed__1_.png  Multi-instance manager: Create and manage new instances for BlueStacks 5. 
unnamed.png  Eco mode: Reduce resource consumption while running multiple instances of BlueStacks 5. 
SidebarSettings.png  Settings: Open the Settings menu and explore various settings for different functions and much more.
Back.png  Back: Step back into a game while going through the in-game menu or exit the game from the game lobby.
Home.png  Home: Go back to your BlueStacks 5 home screen. 
Recents.png  Recent apps: Toggle between apps that may be running on BlueStacks 5 or switch to a recently used app.

Shortcut keys for tools on the Side toolbar

Additionally, you can also view and/or edit the shortcut keys assigned for accessing the tools on the Side toolbar. For more details, refer to this article.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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