How to record and manage macros using the Macro manager on BlueStacks 5

What is a macro and what can I do with it?

You can automate various in-game tasks using a macro, which is a recording of a sequence of clicks at different points on the screen. By running a macro, you can save both time and effort taken up by doing repetitive tasks, especially when you are busy. 

After you launch a macro, the clicks will be repeated on the screen and will mirror your recorded actions.  You can record, play, import and export macros using the Macro manager on BlueStacks 5

How can I use the Macro manager?

Click on the Macro manager icon on the Side toolbar to open the Macro manager window, as shown below.

There's so much you can do with the Macro Manager, all of which is explained below. Click on any of the following links to learn more.

Getting started with macros: 

Organizing and grouping macros in the Macro manager:

Managing and moving macros on your PC:

How can I record new macros?

You can record new macros by following the steps below:

  • Click on the "Record new macro" button. You will see a recorder at the top bar.
  • You may Pause or Stop your recording using the buttons in this recorder.
  • Clicking on Stop will stop the recording and the Macro manager window will appear with a list of all the macros that you have recorded on BlueStacks 5.


How can I rename a macro?

You can rename a macro by following the steps below: 

  • Hover your cursor over the name of a macro and click on the rename icon, as shown below.
  • Type the new name for your macro and press enter. The macro will now be renamed.


How can I run/play the existing macros?

To run a macro, click on the Play icon in front of it, as shown in the image. The actions that were recorded in the macro will immediately run in the same sequence.


How can I access my most recent macros?

You can easily access your most recently played macros under the "Recent" tab in the Macro manager. No more searching through a long list or rearranging them to access your most recent macro.

1. Once you run a macro, it will automatically appear at the top in the "Recent" tab, as shown below.

NOTE: You can view up to 50 recently used macros here. 


2. If you choose to delete a macro from the "Recent" tab, it will also delete the macro from the main list.


How can I create a shortcut key for a macro?

To create a shortcut key for a macro, click on the empty text box in the Shortcut column next to your preferred macro and press the desired shortcut key on your keyboard.

For example, in the image below  "Shift + N" has been entered in the box. Thus, the shortcut key for "Macro (1)" is set as "Shift + N".


You can add the shortcut key in any of the following formats:

  • A single key of your choice 
  • SHIFT + [key of your choice]
  • CTRL + [key of your choice]
  • ALT + [key of your choice]

The formats given below can be used on all versions of BlueStacks 5.

  • CTRL + ALT + [key of your choice]
  • CTRL + SHIFT + [key of your choice]
  • ALT + SHIFT + [key of your choice]
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + [key of your choice]

How can I create, edit or delete a scheduled macro?

You can now schedule your macros to run at a specific time by following the steps below.

  • Click on the "Scheduler" option
  • Select "Schedule" and set the parameters
  • Save the setting by clicking on "Schedule"

You will now see your scheduled macro in the "Macro scheduler" window. (49).gif

You can now schedule a macro with even more precision by selecting the second, in addition to the hour and minute, on the latest version of BlueStacks.

To learn more about how to create, edit or delete a schedule macro, read this article.

How can I view the activity of my macros?

You can view the details for macros such as when they were started, paused, stopped and finished by clicking on the "Logs" tab within the Macro manager.


How can I create folders in the Macro manager?

To create a new folder, simply click on the "Create folder" icon present next to the "Record new macro" button at the top of the Macro manager window. 


How can I rearrange and sort macros into folders?

Open the Macro manager window and hold the left click on your mouse on the "Rearrange" icon to drag and move the macro to the desired position.

Your macros can also be placed into folders by simply dragging and dropping them into a folder of your choice, as shown below.


How can I search for a macro?

You can find a macro by clicking on the Search bar at the top-right corner of the Macro manager window. Simply type the name of the macro you wish to find and press "Enter". The macro will appear in the list.


How can I resize the Macro manager window?

You can easily view all your macros without having to scroll through a long list by simply expanding your Macro manager window vertically. To do this, simply click on the bottom border and drag it to increase the size of the window, as shown below.


How can I merge macros?

You can merge macros by following the steps below: 

  • Click on the "Merge" icon present next to the "Record new macro" button.
  • On the "Merge macros" window, click on the "+" sign in front of every macro you wish to merge. You can also name the merged macro on this window.
  • Click on "Merge". The merged macro will appear in your list of macros on the Macro manager window.


To learn more about how to merge macros and change the settings for merged macros as per your preference, please read this article.

How can I manage the settings of existing macros?

1. Click on the gear icon in front of a macro. The Settings menu will be displayed, as shown below. (50).gif

2. The 'Settings' menu has the following options:

a) Repeat execution: This option allows repeating macro executions based on the following criteria:

  • Repeat action for the specified number of times
  • Repeat action for the specified duration (in Hours/Minutes/Seconds)
  • Infinite duration until stopped

b) Interval between executions: The macro will only pause for the time provided (in Minutes/Seconds) before restarting the sequence.

c) Playback speed: The dropdown box will provide speed options from 0.5x (half the original speed) to 5x (5 times the original speed) to allow the macros to be executed as fast as required. The default value for running a macro is set to 1x (original speed).

d) Other settings: It has the following settings that can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the checkbox.

  • Opening the macro as soon as the BlueStacks 5 is opened.
  • Setting the time (in Minutes) after which BlueStacks 5 should restart.
  • Closing the macro window after the execution has been completed.
  • Stop a macro when you return to the home screen to prevent any accidental inputs.

3. To save the settings for your macro, simply click on "Save".


How can I import macros to BlueStacks 5 from my computer?

1. To import a macro saved on your computer to BlueStacks 5, click on the Hamburger menu on the Macro manager window, and select the "Import macro" option, as shown below.


2. Go to the location of the saved macro on your computer, select the macro file with .json extension and click on Import. The imported macro will be available for use in the Macro manager, as shown below.


To learn how to import your macros from BlueStacks 4 to BlueStacks 5, click here. Please note that some macros imported from BlueStacks 4 may be incompatible if they contain recorded mouse clicks and keystrokes from outside of an app. To learn more about it, click here.

How can I export a macro to my computer from BlueStacks 5?

1. To export a macro to your computer from BlueStacks 5, click on the Hamburger menu on the Macro manager window, and select the "Export macro" option. Select the macro and click on Export, as shown below.


2. You will be asked to choose a destination folder for this macro. Select the location on your computer and click on Select Folder. A copy of the chosen macro will be made available in the selected folder.


Where are these macros saved on my computer?

The macros that appear in the Macro manager window on BlueStacks 5 are saved on your computer and occupy very little space. To know their location on your computer:

  • Open the Macro manager and click on the Hamburger menu
  • Select the "Macro folder" option
  • This will open the folder where all the macros are saved on your computer, as shown below.


To learn more about the features available on BlueStacks 5, please refer to the Release Notes.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks 5. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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