How can I move from BlueStacks 4 to BlueStacks 5

I have BlueStacks 4 and want to move to BlueStacks 5, what should I do?

If you have BlueStacks 4 and would like to try out BlueStacks 5, you can simply download it from by clicking on the "Download BlueStacks" button present there.

BlueStacks 4 and BlueStacks 5 can coexist together, side by side. This means you can have both BlueStacks 4 and BlueStacks 5 installed on the same PC/laptop and they will work as expected.

You cannot update BlueStacks 4 to BlueStacks 5. BlueStacks 5 is a brand new product written from the ground up but unfortunately, it does not support a direct upgrade from BlueStacks 4. However, you can move your app data and progress in apps to BlueStacks 5 from BlueStacks 4 as mentioned in the section below.

You do not have to uninstall BlueStacks 4 to install BlueStacks 5. However, once you have migrated to using BlueStacks 5 and are happy with it, you may uninstall BlueStacks 4 with no impact on BlueStacks 5.

You can view all that BlueStacks 5 has to offer, as well as keep up with future updates, by viewing the Release Notes.

What about my data and app progress in BlueStacks 4?

You can transfer your installed apps, control schemes and macros from BlueStacks 4 to BlueStacks 5.

Transfer game progress from BlueStacks 4 to BlueStacks 5

If the app allows you to sync your in-game progress using a social media account (such as Google or Facebook or a game-specific account) then you will have to log into the app on BlueStacks 5 with the same account used on BlueStacks 4. By doing this, your in-game progress will now be synced in BlueStacks 5 and you can continue playing without losing any progress.

However, if the app does not allow you to sync your progress with an account and instead saves your in-game progress locally, we have provided a tool that you can use to backup and transfer the app and its data from BlueStacks 4 to BlueStacks 5 by following the steps in this article

Use the same control schemes from BlueStacks 4 to BlueStacks 5

You can easily import your control schemes from BlueStacks 4 to BlueStacks 5. For more details on how to do this, you can refer to this article.

Use BlueStacks 4 macros in BlueStacks 5

You can easily transfer your macros using the "Import macro" feature, To know more about how to do this, please view this article.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

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