How to try out games instantly on BlueStacks X

What can I do with this?

You can now try out various games instantly on our Cloud before deciding to download them by clicking on the "Try instantly" button on the game's detailed page in BlueStacks X. 

NOTE: Depending on your region, you may see "Instant Play in Browser" instead of "Try instantly" for certain games.

By trying out a game first, you can:

  • Quickly try a wide variety of games 
  • Get an idea if a game is right for you by experiencing the game's mechanics, graphics, art style, etc. 
  • Save up on your desktop/laptop's internal storage by avoiding the hassle of an unused library of games
  • Say goodbye to any uncertainty of whether a game is right for you or not

Get the perfect fit for your gaming preference by experiencing smooth gameplay with ample time to see if you enjoy the game. 

How can I do this?

1. Launch BlueStacks X and scroll down on your home page. You will then see a "Instant play" section that contains all the games you can try out instantly! 

Click on the game that you would like to play. 


2. Within the game's detailed page, click on "Try instantly"

NOTE: Only games available on the Cloud in your region will have the "Try instantly" button.


For some games, you may see an "Instant Play in Browser" button, as shown below. 


3. You will then be redirected to, on your default browser, where you can play the game. 


Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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