Solution for BlueStacks 4 is stuck on "Starting the Engine" screen

If you're using BlueStacks 5, this article might not be relevant. You can view the BlueStacks 5 article for this by clicking here.

How will this help?

In the event that you face an error with BlueStacks not proceeding past "Starting the Engine" screen, please follow the steps listed below to resolve this.

What to do if BlueStacks is stuck on 'Starting the Engine' screen

Please follow the steps below if BlueStacks is stuck on Starting the Engine screen.

  1. Restart your system.
  2. Check if the Virtualization is enabled.
  3. Ensure that your PC fulfills the minimum system requirements.
  4. Free up your PC’s Random Access Memory (RAM).
  5. Increase allocated RAM to BlueStacks.
  6. Check and upgrade your computer graphics drivers to the latest version. Click here to know how to do it.
  7. Configure your antivirus correctly.

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Last updated on July 21, 2020.

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