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Every gamer strives to battle their way to victory, while play War Robots on BlueStacks. But this will only be possible if you know what the key controls for the game.

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How to view and edit key controls?

Launch BlueStacks and go to the My games tab.


Here, find and launch War Robots.


Once the game opens, click on the Game guide from the side toolbar, a shown below


The game guide will now open up. Here, all the key controls for War Robots will now be visible.


To change the controls so that match your preference, click on the Edit button.


Now, select the control for the action you would like to change.


Here, type the new key that you would like to assign to the control.


Finally, click on Save to apply your changes.



What are the Key controls?

Listed below are all the key controls for performing different actions within War Robots.

Keys Assigned Function
W, S, A, D Move Forward, Back, Left and Right
Fire all weapons Left-click
Free mouse cursor F1
Free mouse cursor Hold Alt
Ability E/Q
Switch target Space


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Last updated on Sept 8, 2020.

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