Introducing Operation Synchronization on BlueStacks 4.

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To acquaint you with the new feature of Operations Synchronization in BlueStacks 4.
This feature will let you synchronize all the operations like gameplay, typing, earning game rewards etc. in the instances you have opened and chosen to sync.
BlueStacks versions affected
BlueStacks version: or above.
All the users of BlueStacks 4.
Geo’s affected
All Geos
1. Open BlueStacks and launch any app on it.
2. Upon launching the app, the Synchroniser option will be activated on the side panel and can be clicked from the icon available as shown in the screenshot below
3. BlueStacks will quickly detect for the Multi-instance in which the operation can be synced. If there is no instance running, it will ask you to launch "Instance Manager". Click on the "Launch Instance manager" button as shown in the screenshot below.
4. Here you can create a new instance using the BlueStacks Multi-Instance Manager, you may refer to the article on BlueStacks Multi-Instance Manager.
5. Two or more instances start running side by side, you can start using Operation sync feature.
In order to do this, launch an android app on BlueStacks default Instance and then click on the  Synchroniser icon.
6. Now you can select any created Instance and click on "Selected Sync" button. Here, we have selected only BlueStacks1 instance.
Now, all the operations in default instance will be synchronized with BlueStacks 1 instance and you will be able to see them side by side as shown in the video.
BlueStacks Operation synchronization Video

Stopping the synchronization 

Operation Synchronization can be stopped by simply clicking "Stop Syncing" button.

We genuinely appreciate your association with BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at support at bluestacks dot com. Thank you very much.

Last updated on August 21, 2019

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