What is BlueStacks X?

Get ready to experience a new dawn in the age of gaming with BlueStacks X — the World's #1 App Player enhanced with an AI-based Hybrid Cloud technology that intelligently decides where you can have the best gameplay experience — on Cloud or on your desktop/laptop. 

You can harness the power of Cloud along with the light and fast BlueStacks App Player to enjoy a unique gaming experience as it: 

  • Lets you play any game without being bound by the limitations of your device
  • Helps you save resources on your desktop/laptop since downloading the game is not required
  • Provides you access to over 2 million games
  • Lets you create your own personal gaming world using Creator Hub, the world’s first and only mobile game modding platform!

and much more!

When you launch any of the 2 million+ games available on BlueStacks X, our AI-based Hybrid Cloud algorithm will dynamically decide whether you can play the game on Cloud or download and play it on your PC using the BlueStacks App Player based on various factors such as:

  • System specifications
  • Internet connection
  • and various others.

NOTE: A stable Internet connection with a speed of at least 5 Mbps or more is required for a smooth gameplay experience on Cloud.

How can I get BlueStacks X?

1. You can start your gaming journey with BlueStacks X by heading to our official website and clicking on the "Download BlueStacks 10" (called X) button. After the installer finishes downloading, run the file to install BlueStacks X on your desktop.


2. Click on the "Install now" button, as shown below.


Once the installation is complete, you can launch BlueStacks X and start playing your favorite Android games.

How can I play games on BlueStacks X?  

You can start playing your favorite Android games by searching for them using the "Find Games" option at the top of your screen or explore the plethora of games available in the "Game Center"


You can also create your own personal gaming world on BlueStacks X using Creator Hub, the world’s first and only mobile game modding platform.

Leap forward from the traditional gaming experience and change the way you play games by adding creative elements to personalize your in-game moments or simply playing modded versions of your favorite Android games! Get started by:

What else can I do on BlueStacks X?  

  • Report a problem or share your feedback,  
  • Select the language of your choice,
  • Choose your preferred mode of playing by changing the Player Preference setting,

... and much more, all from the Settings menu on BlueStacks X! 


Thank you for choosing BlueStacks X. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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