How to install BlueStacks X at a custom location on your computer

How will this help?

You can choose a custom location to install BlueStacks X on your desktop/laptop and make better use of your disk space.

To learn how to do this, follow the steps mentioned in the next section.

Important information

  1. The installation of BlueStacks 5 will be done in the same path selected during the custom installation of BlueStacks X.
  2. If you have already installed BlueStacks 5 at a custom location, BlueStacks X will already be installed at the same location. 
  3. The steps in this article are applicable when both BlueStacks 5 and BlueStacks X are not already installed. 

How can I do this?

1. Visit our official website, click on "Download BlueStacks 10". Once the file is downloaded, launch it to proceed. 


2. Once the installer launches, click on the default file path that is shown on your screen, as illustrated below.


3. Select the location where you wish to install BlueStacks X. Next, click on "OK".


4. Once done, the new installation path will be shown on your screen. To start the installation, click on "Install now".


5. Click on "Launch" to open BlueStacks X once the installation has been completed.


After the installation is complete, BlueStacks X will be installed at the location of your choice.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks X. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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