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BlueStacks 5 offers a variety of settings for you to customize according to your preferences. This article will acquaint you with these settings and show you how to use them.

What are the different settings available?

To explore the various settings in BlueStacks 5, you can click on the links below, which will then redirect you to the relevant information.

  • Performance - This allows you to customize the performance settings for BlueStacks 5.
  • Display - This allows you to customize the screen orientation, resolution and pixel density.
  • Graphics - Here, you can explore various graphic settings for BlueStacks 5, like graphics engine mode, graphics renderer, interface renderer, GPU and ASTC. 
  • Preferences - From this tab, you can customize your language settings, allow BlueStacks to connect with Discord, customize "ESC" key behavior and select the media folder.
  • Device settings - From here, you can select your device profile and/or mobile network provider.
  • Advanced - This tab tells you about the ABI settings and gives you access to the Android debug bridge and Input debugging settings.
  • About - This provides you information about your current version of BlueStacks 5 and allows you to check for and download updates when they are available.

You can access the BlueStacks 5 Settings menu in two ways:

  • Through the hamburger menu at the top right corner.
  • By clicking on the gear icon on the side toolbar.


Performance settings

Under Performance settings, you can:


Display settings

The Display settings menu lets you do the following:

  • Change the BlueStacks 5 app player orientation. 
  • Customize the display resolution
  • Adjust pixel density.

Please close and restart BlueStacks 5 to make your resolution and display settings effective.

NOTE: BlueStacks 5 supports up to 2560 x 1440 resolution.


Graphics settings

Here, you can choose from various options that can affect the performance of BlueStacks 5, depending on your PC configuration.

  • The Graphics engine option lets you choose between Compatible and Performance modes. Most games run smoothly on the Performance mode. Some games that require advanced graphic architecture will ask you to switch to Compatible mode before launching.
  • The Graphics renderer option lets you select between DirectX and OpenGL. You can read about this feature in detail in this article.
  • Switch your Interface renderer if you are facing graphics issues while using BlueStacks. To know more about how it works, refer to this article.
  • ASTC Textures (Beta) lets you select the graphics texture compression decoding method to achieve high-quality graphics using ASTC. This article will tell you all about ASTC on BlueStacks.
  • The GPU settings on BlueStacks 5 allow you to assign your computer's GPU to BlueStacks 5 in order to enhance overall performance. Read this article to know more about this feature.

NOTE: Changes in Graphics settings will take place after saving them and restarting BlueStacks 5.


Preferences settings

Within this section, you can:

  • Customize the language for BlueStacks 5.
  • Allow BlueStacks to connect with your Discord account.
  • Toggle the use of "ESC" shortcut key to exit fullscreen and unlock the mouse cursor.
  • Manage where to save your media files captured in BlueStacks on your PC.


Device settings

Within the Device settings menu, you can switch the device profile for BlueStacks 5 if you'd like to use an app that is more compatible with a certain device.

You can also choose a mobile network provider to run apps that need your device to be connected to a certain network.

NOTE: Mobile network providers may vary based on your location.


Advanced settings

This section offers advanced users a deeper look into the settings panel of BlueStacks 5. Here, you get the following options:

  • Learn about the ABI settings for the active instance.
  • Enable/disable Android debug bridge.
  • Toggle Input debugging On or Off for tap points.



This About section provides information about the BlueStacks 5 version installed on your PC.


Save changes

After making the desired changes to the 'Settings' menu, don't forget to click on the "Save changes" button.


To know more about the features available on BlueStacks 5, please refer to the release notes.

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Happy Gaming!

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