How to import your game controls from BlueStacks 4 and use them in BlueStacks 5

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If you're using any custom control schemes on BlueStacks 4 for your favorite game, you can also use these control schemes in BlueStacks 5 by following the steps mentioned below.

Only those control schemes can be imported on BlueStacks 5 that were created on BlueStacks 4.180 or above.

How can I transfer my custom control schemes?

As an example, we'll be transferring the "My keys" control scheme being used in Free Fire on BlueStacks 4 to use in BlueStacks 5.

1. Launch Free Fire on BlueStacks 4 and open the Controls editor by right-clicking on the Game controls icon on the Side toolbar.


2. On the "Controls editor" window, click on the "Export" icon, as shown in the image.


3. You will then be asked to select the control scheme that you wish to export. Select the scheme and then, click on "Export".


4. Now, choose the location where you wish to save this control scheme, type a name of your choice and then, click on "Save"

You will see a confirmation message once the control scheme is exported successfully.


5. Now, open BlueStacks 5 and launch the game for which the control scheme is to be imported. In this case, that game is Free Fire.


6. After the game launches, open the controls editor by right-clicking on the "Game controls" icon on the Side toolbar.


7. On the "Controls editor" window, click on the "Import" icon.


8. An explorer window will now open up. Go to the location where you had saved the control scheme for Free Fire in step 4. Select the file and click on "Import".


9. You will then be shown a list of control schemes that can be imported using the selected file. Mark the schemes that you wish to import and then, click on "Import".


Once the control scheme is imported successfully, you will see a confirmation message. The imported control scheme will now be available for use in the list of control schemes on the Controls editor.


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