How to resolve sound or microphone volume issues on BlueStacks 5

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This article will provide you with different troubleshooting methods which will help you resolve any sound or microphone-related issues.

If you cannot hear or are experiencing low sound in BlueStacks, click on the link below to learn more:

How can I unmute BlueStacks from the Side toolbar?

1. On the Side toolbar, click on the volume button, as shown below.


2. volume bar will appear. Here, click on the sound icon to unmute all sounds for that particular instance of BlueStacks, as illustrated below.

How can I unmute BlueStacks from the Windows Volume Mixer?

1. Open your System tray from the Windows taskbar


2. Here, right-click on the volume icon.


3. Now, click on Open Volume Mixer.


4. Make sure that the Speaker icon for BlueStacks Android Host is not muted. Also, you may maximize the volume as well.


How can I resolve microphone issues?

For resolving issues with the microphone, please ensure that the default system microphone is set to optimal settings. You can do that by following these steps:

1. Open the Run dialogue box by pressing the "Windows" key and "R" together and type the command "mmsys.cpl". 


2. Click on OK, when you're finished typing the command.


3.  The Sound settings window will open up. Here, click on the Recording tab.


4. Once the recording tab opens, select the Default microphone device on your system and then click on Properties, as shown below.


5. Click on the Levels tab in the microphone properties.


6. Now finally, increase you Microphone levels to 100%. In case you still experience low volume levels after that, increase your Microphone Boost levels as well. 

Click on "OK" or "Apply" to save your changes.


How can I mute/unmute the Android tapping sound?

1. Launch BlueStacks 5 and click on the gear icon on the Side toolbar to access the Settings menu.


2. Click on the "Preferences" tab, as shown below.


3. Here, toggle the slider next to "Enable Android sound while tapping" by clicking on it. A blue slider indicates that the Android tapping sound is enabled.


4. Lastly, click on "Save changes" to apply these settings.


You can now enable or disable the Android tapping sound inside the Android settings, Google Play Store and/or the Media Manager as per your preference on BlueStacks 5. 

Thank you for choosing BlueStacks. We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!

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