Troubleshooting Google Play Store login issues and errors on BlueStacks 5

How will this help?

This article will help you in resolving all issues related to Google login on BlueStacks 5.

How can I solve this? 

Please follow all the steps listed below to resolve issues with logging into the Google Play Store.

1. Please check if virtualization is enabled on your PC. Enabling virtualization will give you a smoother experience on BlueStacks 5 and can resolve issues affecting the Google Play Store.

2. Open the settings menu and try switching the graphics mode from the graphics tab. You can refer to this article for a detailed guide on doing this.  

3. Please use an Antivirus program to remove any malware/adware/spyware from your PC. They could be causing issues with Google login, by interfering with network services.

4. Try using the internet with proxy settings. In this case, please reset DNS settings to default and see if that helps. 

5. Configure your antivirus to apply the recommended settings, as it can be disrupting secure (HTTPS) network connections to Google servers. 

Have some questions?

Q. I want to use a non-Gmail account. Is it possible?
A. Yes, you can log in with a non-Gmail account. Please refer to this support article to learn how to do it. 

Q. When I try to log in, Google gets stuck on the loading screen. How should I proceed?
A. Make sure that you configure your antivirus when logging into Google for the first time. If that doesn't solve your problem, refer to this helpful guide.

Q. I see a black/white window on the log-in screen. Is this normal?
A. This usually happens when the default graphics settings on BlueStacks 5 do not match with your system specifications. To know how to change the graphics mode, click here. 

Q. How can I change/add/remove a Google account on BlueStacks 5?
A. BlueStacks 5 allows you to use multiple accounts at the same time. Read the detailed procedure to add, remove or change accounts right here.

Q. Google gives me one of these errors at login: "Authentification required"/"Verify it's you". What to do?
A. If you get one of these prompts, please clear the Google cache. Then, remove your Google account and add it again in order to login. This detailed article will guide you through this.

Q. How should I proceed if I get a "Couldn't sign in" error after entering my credentials in the Google Play Store?
A. If you get this prompt, please refer to this article to resolve the issue. 

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